Sales Permit Information

Many business owners wonder what the differences between a State ID Number (Certificate of Authority) and an Employer Identification Number. The key differences are:

. The IRS issues Federal Tax ID Numbers
. The state assigns reseller permits
. EINs are used to hire employees
. A Certificate of Authority is used to collect sales tax from customers
. FEIN is what’s used when you file business taxes
. Sales and Use Tax Numbers are used by businesses to file sales taxes
. EINs can be cancelled by contacting the IRS
. You can cancel a State ID by filing what’s known as a final sales tax return
. An EIN is sometimes referred to as a Federal Employer Identification Number
. A State Tax ID Number is also called a reseller permit, use tax number, certificate of authority, taxpayer ID number and an excise business tax number

  Sales tax ID numbers are also known as the following:

. Sales tax registration
. Reseller permit
. Reseller tax ID
. Sales tax ID number
. Certificate of authority